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Index to Norwich University Newspapers, 1860-1960

Use this index to explore the content of Norwich University newspapers, the Reveille, Norwich University Record, and Norwich Guidon from 1860 to 1960.

Browse alphabetically to find people, places, and subjects from Norwich history.

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If an issue has been digitized and made available online, entries will be linked to the correct page. For entries without links, visit or email us to use or obtain a scan from the physical copy.

What do entries mean?

The formula includes: a publication code : Volume Number : Issue Number : Year page number

Publication Codes

For example, Rc:I:3:1908 7 = the Norwich University Record, Volume I, Issue 3, published in 1908, on page 7.


Sections for specific subjects, like people, with a lot of entries have been further subdivided into different categories.

Examples of subdivisions you might find under a person's name include:

Other Codes