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Do I need an appointment to visit the archives?

You do not need an appointment to visit the archives.  Visitors are welcome to come anytime we are open.  However, as some collections are stored off-site, we recommend checking for access restrictions in the collection guides to any materials you plan to use before you visit. If there are access restrictions, you should plan to contact us ahead of time so that the collection can be retrieved from storage.

Where are you located?

We are located on the top floor of the Kreitzberg Library on the Norwich University campus in Northfield, Vermont.

What can I expect to find in the University Archives and Special Collections?

Our archival collections include over 1900 boxes of written records and still photography relating to the history of Norwich University, its staff, students and alumni. We also manage the rare book collection of the Kreitzberg Library, including books focused on military history and other subjects of special interest to Norwich University. More information about what we collect is available for those interested.

What's a collection guide?

A collection guide (also called a finding aid) is a general description written to introduce researchers to an individual archival collection. You can use collection guides to locate and request specific files from within individual collections or to help decide if a collection might be useful to your research.

Here's what you can expect to find in a collection guide:

You can search and view all our collection guides on this website. Some collection guides will only include some of these elements.

 Can I see a collection online?

Although all of our collection guides and a growing number of Norwich's early newspapers, yearbooks, photographs, letters and other documents are through this website, most items in our collections are still only available onsite. Contact us or read more about our collections to find out what is and isn't available online.

How do I cite documents from the University Archives?

If you need to cite materials from our collections, use the format below or check out our more detailed citation instructions.

Identification of specific item; Date (if known); Collection name; Box and/or Folder Identification; Norwich University Archives, Kreitzberg Library, Northfield, VT.

Can I get copies or scans of documents?

We offer a number of different reproduction services and also allow the use of personal cameras in the reading room. Personal scanners are not allowed.

Is there a copy of my student paper or thesis in the University Archives?

While we do collect student papers and theses, the decision to donate papers is made by individual students or their professors. This means we will only have your student paper if you or one of your professors gave a copy to the archives. Library research prize papers and final products for the Vermont College Adult Degree Program are among those students papers most consistently given to us for safekeeping.

Where can I find issues of the Northfield News?

We have a complete set of issues of the local town newspaper, the Northfield News, from 1880 to the present available for use in our reading room. Issues before 1936 are stored separately and may require a short wait to access.

What is the oldest thing in the library?

The oldest item in our rare book collection dates all the way back to 1532. Robert Valturio's military treatise De Re Militari (On Military Matters) was completed in 1460, after which handwritten manuscript copies were distributed by Valturio's patron, Sigismondo Pandolfo Malatesa of Rimini, to several of his fellow rulers. In 1472, Valturio's book was printed in Verona, becoming one of the first illustrated books published in Italy. Our copy of this book was the first French edition; written in Latin and printed in Paris in 1532. It was given to Norwich by the class of 1952 in 1992.

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